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Wednesday 22 July 2015

Look Inwards

This is my mantra. But I really don't like telling people to follow this, though I end up telling people to. Why? Because it's not as easy as it sounds. You don't just hear because you're listening, neither do you hear when you think you need an answer. You grow in it.

You've heard people talk about the many voices? That's another thing; another issue in the matter. How do you know your intuition different from all the voices or noise? You grow in it.

I won't be giving a step by step approach. I don't wish to. I don't think that's good, either; as we are dealing with: Looking Inwards. So?

Understand its essentials. Nobody knows you better than you. No one can give you the best decision like your inner self. No one knows the answer to your existence - your purpose. Though there are those gifted that can tell you much about yourself, take it from me, they don't know you as much as you can know you. So, one of the beauties of looking inwards is that you get to find and know you. Now, as earlier said, this is not fun all through. It will be a huge sacrifice on your part if you desire to search the depth of what you are.

Actually, you really don't have to know all, but you can at least use it to cruise through your day to day activities. Listen before you make a crucial decision. Listen to know what your intuition is saying about a choice you wish to make.

Does this mean you won't make mistakes? No, it doesn't. You will. You will make a fool out of yourself many times am sure. And it's not just in regards to your non-mastery of the art. Don't worry, you'll grow.
So, why the above uglies?
Your intuition needs you to trust it, and it will test that trust; through it you'll understand it better.

Finally, how do you know your intuition? You listen to yourself within. Yes, the heart talks as do the head. However, you will differentiate them with time. Just listen.

Edited - 7th March, 2022: Corrected a typo in p.3b – 'neither' to 'either' and punctuation.

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