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Wednesday 22 July 2015

Looking Inwards vs. Listening to Others

I advise people a lot to look inwards, but does that mean you shouldn't listen to others? No, it doesn't. You should.

Hearing and listening to what others have to say is part of our learning and growing process. However, you shouldn't allow someone else make a final decision for you. You should responsibly make your final decision; even if it's the wrong decision you pick, you will learn with time.

I've realized that most people don't like following their intuition, not because they don't hear it but because, they don't wish to be responsible for their errors. Adults take responsibility, children don't. If you wish to grow spiritually, you must be ready to take responsibility for your actions. And if your desire is to make the right decisions, it will come to be, though it's gradual.

Mistakes help you grow, forgiving yourself for your mistakes helps you grow; perfection is in forgiving your mistakes, not in not making mistakes.

Looking inwards helps you see who you are better, and as you do, you become bolder.
It builds a good relationship between you and yourself.
You also appreciate and/or tolerate others better.

Finally, listening to others help you achieve a wider view and understanding of your intuition; as sometimes your intuition speaks in just few words.

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