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Monday 18 April 2016


Life operates with pain. Everyone is made to go through pain; no one is left out. When life sends pain, it does so insensitively - without feeling or remorse. Yet some people have eagerly and zealously tried to plan their life (or those of loved ones) to elude pain. Still, pain does locate them somehow. Then there are those who have gone through hell and as such feel others have seen less pain; hmmm, pain is relative.

Now, some people cause their own pain by being dumb. But think of it, why are they dumb; how come they are dumb?

Obeying all instructions, doing all good, doing all rights does not exempt anyone from pain. Following your intuition without missing any directive won’t absolve you of pain. Pain is unavoidable, pain is an operator in nature, pain like the wind is free and like the wind we all embrace (involuntarily).  

So, if we can’t avoid to be hit by pain, then why do we still follow instructions? 
Instructions help us bear or endure pain; laws from religion and us endure pain and understand pain.

Your pain has its essence in your life. You just have to seek the understanding of it. Understanding your pain eases you of your pain (though it won’t stop pain from operating in your life). Knowing who you are helps you understand the pains you encounter.

Seek to know thyself, for in thyself you’ll find the strength to bear pain.


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