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Friday 27 November 2015

The Master Number 11

I’ve enjoyed reading about the master numbers 11, 22 and 33; 33 = the master teacher, 22 = the master builder, 11 = the master ?
I believe there should be a short description for the master number 11.

Suddenly, I see where the problem lies. It’s all about the intuition, so it seems it can’t be told. But then, why isn’t it called ‘The Master Intuitionist or The Master Intuitioner’. Well, I believe because it’s not the director of the intuition, it’s only greatly connected to or subjected to the intuition.

Its subjugation to the intuition also makes it a late bloomer. It can’t see without the intuition, its path can only be told by the intuition, if it rejects the intuition it rejects knowing itself. Hence, it’s highly frustrated, though highly encouraged. So, shouldn’t it be called ‘The Master Frustrated’?
Surely, I know in this life, everyone’s got their frustration, everyone’s got their problem and everyone’s got intuition. So, I’m just looking at the path of the master number 11, from numerology point of view.

Master number 11 is good at using the intuition and has to learn to use its intuition very well. This is quite interesting as most 11s reduce to 2, or move to 2, because the intuition is invisible and we are in a visible world - or so it seems.

Now, these are my deductions: master number 11 must condescend to 2, and re-upgrade to 11, then use the balance gained from 2 on the 1 & 1 of 11. By the time it's done with these, it's frustrated; especially because, there are no clues from anywhere other than the intuition. So, most times when an 11 condescend it doesn’t move up again; not because it doesn’t wish to, but because climbing up hill isn’t easy. Thus, we are left with most 11 being just 2. It’s not bad; everything is blessed!

Finally, despite all the hassles, I’m sure there are still some surviving 11s. That brings me back to what the master number 11 should be called. The master number 11 is an initiator, base on its strong tie to the intuition. It has the grace to dig into a great yet-to-be-known depth through its connection to the intuition. It can bring forth that which is hidden. The points of difficulty however are: being entrusted with the task of creating from just codes; to seek what doesn’t seem to exist; to prove itself worthy of such responsibility. The master number 11 has to learn to interpret from the unknown. So, I call it: The Master Sculptor or The Master Carver.

Updated (October 4th, 2017.)

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