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Tuesday 24 September 2019


Intelligence is having a flexible coherent mind, while wisdom is the ability to impact coherence into one's personhood – adding a flexible coherent emotion to one’s intelligence. Flexible coherent mind allows for invention/ingenuity but not prudence.

Wisdom is a product of the endurance of the feeling and reasoning. And the process of achieving said product is layered with pain – endurance instigates pain. Still it isn’t the mere experience of pain but the acceptance and understanding of pain. Thus, making Wisdom an artillery or defense. Yet wisdom can be given – en-graced, or be inherent but maintenance or increase involves work.

Virtually everyone has intelligence and emotion. Thus, there’s Quotient of Wisdom or Wisdom Quotient.  Also, there are variants of Wisdom: Inherent Wisdom – Prudence, Worked Wisdom – Judiciousness, Aged Wisdom – Sagacity.

Inherent Wisdom with fair living knowledge lacks strong coherence in expression – lacks Understanding. Incidentally, Emotion is feeling intelligence, while Intelligence is cognitive intelligence. Knowledge is stored experience; and Understanding is the coherence of Knowledge. Thus, Understanding is knowing intelligence.

Simply put, Intelligence is having a good intellectual productivity, while emotion is having a good sentiment/feeling productivity. And Wisdom is having a good combination or infusion of Intelligence and Emotion, which is saddled by Understanding.

Additionally, inherent Wisdom being graced Wisdom can expire. Because grace and curse do wane – So, any unlaboured Wisdom can fade.

Finally, Wisdom can be grown via the intuition or the conscience.


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