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Sunday 29 September 2019

Intuitive Deficiency

A lot of people tend to seek their intuition just at crucial times and expect a miracle. This isn’t a good move. You can’t be anything worthwhile overnight – this is a known fact; you have to input efforts. And same is applicable to your intuition if you want to understand it – it’s a process.

Virtually every act in life is learned through time. Therefore, for you to access your intuition you need to acquaint yourself with it. Sometimes, a problem might not be readily solved, but understanding would help manage it.

The first step to grasping your intuition is your conscience – how it reacts to your action, followed by religion – exposing you to the battles of Good & Evil. Then your mind or thinking faculty – weighing events regardless of knowledge from conscience and/or religion, and sending queries or questions back to yourself.

The intuition is the talking or expressive mirror of your intent and purpose; but it’s not your intellect. It’s a pointer but not your judge; your conscience judges you. The intuition aims to educate you; to influence the drive of your existential knowledge and capacity. The intuition is your internal helpmate(s).

Automatic trances, utterances or writings are aspects of the intuition, but the intellect should never be disregarded. Disregarding the intellect (if those aspects of intuition are possessed) would stunt mental growth in the long run. Sound mental growth is achieved by your mirror, intellect and observe-other-people usage.

In conclusion, the individual influences the intuition just as the intuition influences the individual. So to have an active intuition, one has to recognize the importance of the intuition and give it the necessary attention.


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