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Monday 11 May 2020

Pain II

Perpetual pain breaks the heart, wretches the mind; and can also wreck the body, therefore causing a disjuncture between the desire and functionality of an individual.

This is the pain we all go through on earth – killing the good in innocent people, pumping out the worst in vile people; and for those who dare to remain good, pain scorns. Thus, pain locates the godly and ungodly. The ‘godly’ might call it chastisement to the best of their knowledge or as a means to keep pushing on. The ‘ungodly’ might call it the unfairness of life to which we can’t control and thus should keep bearing or maneuvering.

When disjuncture eventually happens, the initial nature crashes and another nature is (gradually) grown – both for a godly and ungodly person. Both God and the Devil who are regarded as great supernatural forces in this life utilize pain to reach an individual’s nature so as to alter it. Put differently, pain tear apart the nature within a person, giving room for another nature to grow therein or take over the vacant space. The nature is the operation of a person; while the forces that be, aim to re-direct what the operation should be. 

So, pain keep scourging because we are set in a re-designing environment or factory; and the grinder is active.

In conclusion, you hurt less when you understand what is sought from you.  You hurt less when you understand the environment. 


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