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Monday 31 August 2015

Man (His Appearance)

The appearance of man is as complex as his makeup. There isn’t a one size fits all. Man can be this today and that tomorrow. This can be caused by his experiences and knowledge. Though, some people will maintain a steady pattern through their life.

A man’s life is shaped from his young age by his parent(s), where he was born and breed, people he had to relate with, society, his encounters with good and bad, etc. He can however, change this as he grows older, but I can’t say all can be changed to suit him. Life can be manipulative; nature isn’t always fair.

In relating with other people, our makeup can’t be ignored; especially in close relationships. There are points where likes should attract, where opposites should attract and where toleration should attract. You have to know the points within your makeup where these are required, necessary and possible -- needful similarity, needful opposition and needful toleration. Toleration in this context isn’t about accepting what we can’t and pretending to. It’s also different from the general tolerance we are meant to have for people. This is about what a person can’t give, won’t give or don’t have, and you don’t mind or don’t care because you have a particular attribute that resolves that for you. Therefore, if you can’t find your defending attribute for toleration, keep to your repulsion; this is safer. But as said, this isn’t about our everyday encounter with people. You might be repelled by a person’s character and still need to endure it for peace’s sake -- that’s where the State’s authority comes in, obedience to the law and forbearance for others' life.

You have to search for your attracting points yourself, practically I must say. It’s to be practical because you have to experience and encounter yourself and others to understand yourself and others better. This can be tricky though. A person can be confused and confused by people. I’ll say as usual follow your intuition. Still, you need to experience others to know about them; and from such experiences you know yourself better.

Man from a spiritual or physical perspective, can alter, enhance or change what he is. Physical changes through spiritual approach aren’t easily achievable; though it can happen.

Man has the desire to know; to know things around him and about himself. There is the desire to know his purpose and reason for being. This quest isn’t easily fulfilled however. So, I believe following your intuition can help. And I don’t think anyone can fully tell you about your personal purpose in life.

Nature is as complex as the lives in it. So, keep observing, keep learning, and keep aiming for the top.


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