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Sunday 2 August 2015

Intuition vs. The Law

Following your intuition shouldn't make you a law breaker. You should rather be a law abiding citizen because, following your intuition is about following rules.

Am sure you've read/heard of cases where people would say, "something in my head asked me to do it"; then a horrible crime is committed.

If your intuition goes against people in a criminal way, then something is wrong. Part of the things your intuition does is to help you stand; make you bold, confident and tolerant. So, taking advantage of others doesn't equate to that.
Now, don't mistake arrogance for confidence.

So what if you are the victim? I know when people hurt one badly sometimes, one just wishes to retaliate. Especially if you live in a country where the law enforcement agencies barely function. But, it's not everything that requires retaliation; you can just walk away. However, there are times you just have to, and you can follow your intuition, but don't break the law.

The Law at times can be arbitrary, I know, but there are ways to go about this according to The Law. Patiently follow the procedure.

And if it's a case where your intuition is pushing you against the law for no just reason; question your intuition. Yes. Tell it what the law says. I believe however, that your intuition knows and respects the law because it knows that following it (your intuition) is about following rules.

When something in your head, really wishes for you to wreck havoc somewhere or on someone, that's not your intuition. It's intolerance, jealousy and/or wickedness (hatred).


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