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Thursday 20 August 2015


Meditation is a process where one looks inwards quietly, though not silently. This helps one refresh, reflect and/or explore from within. The energy from within can manifest out and around; thus, healing can come from meditation, so also insight or knowledge.

Meditation generally requires concentration, not necessarily rigidity and quietness. You may try to reflect in a noisy place, but you won’t achieve much. So, it’s best done in a quiet place. However, a quiet place doesn’t have to be a solitary place, you should mind your safety; though best done alone.

Different religions and people have different patterns of meditation. In other words, there are many different techniques for mediation.

I don’t have any unique method; just solitude. Then I reflect, seek refreshment, enquire or explore from within. And I do this at home, not anywhere special. So, all you need is quietness and yourself; then you look inwards, and your inner self will locate you.

Life is full of activities or turmoils, so it’s good to spend time to meditate; even if it’s just few minutes. Least one gets overwhelmed or overthrown.


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