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Thursday 6 August 2015

The Supernatural

The supernatural isn’t somewhere far far-away. It revolves around us. It holds phenomena yet to be discovered by science. It's just like something you can't get because you don't know how to.

There were times some occurrences were beyond our realm of understanding, but now they are grasped. Understanding the supernatural isn’t instant. The universe veils itself, and unfolds slowly to those who seek.  

This world has been around for a long time now, yet we keep seeking answers. We celebrate some feats now and then, but many questions still abound. 

There are those that profess to access the supernatural through certain methods; this I believe is possible. That you can’t do a thing does not imply that someone else can’t. However, anyone doesn’t have to follow or run after anyone. But if you seek to know the supernatural, you may follow any teacher that you may know. Even at that, don’t forget to look inwards before, in between, and as you continue. Follow your intuition. This will assist you to find the right teacher for you. 

Still, if you wish to take a solo journey, feel free. But, your intuition will lead you to some sources; because we are a collective. The universe is a collective. We are inter-twined. You don’t just learn for yourself, and you don’t just learn within yourself. Your intuition will require you to relate with others, though this might be periodical. 

Furthermore, the supernatural hosts the spiritual. The supernatural is that which is beyond our (regular) realm of existence, and doesn’t follow the physical rules we know, for example: God. God exists in the supernatural, relating with him doesn’t follow physical rules of relating with one another.   

Different people interact with the supernatural, through different method. So do different religion. 

Noteworthy, some people don’t deal in the supernatural. They just live their lives, or follow science. This is good. Science might one day be able to decode the supernatural. Science is a seeker, and it can find. 


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