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Tuesday 25 August 2015

Man (His Makeup and Characteristics)

People behave differently because the makeup of man is complex. Different attributes result in different opinion, decision, and reaction; even looks. Though sometimes, there is the standard people are expected to follow, they can still approach things uniquely.

Most of the characteristics of man come in a state with varying degree and qualification; and they can be altered. But knowing and understanding one’s purpose helps one appreciate who one is. The makeup of man in this post is not conclusive. There are as follows:

>> Soul: The seed of the spirit.

>> Spirit: The actual latent self. As it is and can be - in substance and form

>> Blood: Lineage and antibody (of man and his spirit).

>> Intuition: Inner instructor; a person’s manual interpreter; self decoder.

>> Nature (Person): Single or multiple.

>> Interface:
I.  Conscience
II. 1Depravior (Depraver).      

>> Mind (Knowledge):
I.  Intelligence.                                   
II. Wisdom

This is our choice carver - we all know something; be it a young or an old person. This enables us to make decision. However, the ability to know (or reason), isn’t the ability to make discreet or wise decision.

>> Virtue:
I.  Love (yielding Tolerance, Sacrifice, etc).
II. Faith (yielding Hope, Patience, Peace, etc)

>> Nature (Function):
I.  Sex - Male, Female or Androgynous
II. Gender - Masculine, Feminine or Puerile

>> Appearance:
I.  Outer - in differentiations
 II. Inner - in differentiations

>> Life:
State: Operative (fruitful) or Inoperative                  
*Qual: Bubbly (alive) or Sullen (lifeless)

Life proves one is alive. This also shows one’s ability to progress - thus the saying: when there is life, there is hope.

>> Mind (Perception):
State: Awake or Asleep         
Qual: Free (fluent) or Blocked (locked)

This is the eyes of the spirit or the third eye; and the expression of the consciousness.       

>> Case:
I. Outer i.e. the physical body - Sensitive or Insensitive       
II. Inner i.e. the spirit - Open (complaisant) or Closed (frigid).

>> Heart:
State - Soft or Hard.
Qual - Good (kind) or Bad (wicked).  

The heart is how a person bears reason.

>> Emotion:
State - Soft or Hard.
Qual - Reasonable (kind) or Unreasonable (wicked).

The emotion is how a person bears bond.

>> Reaction:
State - Constant or Changeful.
Qual - Aggressive or Unaggressive

General note and conclusion:
The life keeps one alive by producing the energy for sustenance and progress. There are situations where a person is active (operative) and yet feels bleak (lifeless) i.e. the person is alive but can’t initiate significant progress. Some people feel it by themselves, while some are told by those who feel so towards them.

The heart and emotion are easily hidden, until you have a close encounter with a person. A person can look cool/gentle/frail by appearance but, has a bad and hard heart, with a reasonably soft emotion. Or a person can look rugged/tough but, with a soft and good heart, and a soft unreasonable emotion.
The heart and emotion can defend each other subtly by using the mind or knowledge to boost defense. The state of the heart and emotion can be a result of how Knowledge is used and how life has treated a person through time.

When attributes flip and merge in unusual ways, they present a complex person. This is usually due to gender and essence. For instance, a person is simple (to us) when attributes don’t clash much. For example, a gentle looking person, with a good intelligence, soft and kind hearted, possesses a soft and reasonable emotion, and is a female. This’ what we regard as a typical lady; which all ladies are not.

However, all attributes can be altered or enhanced. This will require a good degree of virtue; usually sacrifice and discipline. A bad qualification doesn’t necessarily require change; evil is different from bad. Bad serves a purpose, evil disregards life.

So, follow your intuition and seek to know thy self; least you recreate yourself to become someone else.

Update (Dec 17th, 2016)
Gender: Masculine, Feminine or Puerile

1 Depravior: Coined to mean that which challenges or opposes a person’s will or intention; while the conscience presents morals. 

Updated - January 5th, 2016; December 17th, 2016.
Updated - September 17th, 2020.

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